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Tired of choking down the same bland foods? Avoid boredom by using seasonings that offer more than just good taste.
Spices and seasonings are an excellent way to liven up a dull menu and provide the body with myriad health benefits. Best of all, they’re nearly calorie-free healthy seasonings, which means you can experiment and use them at your leisure

1) Flavor God Seasonings

Probably one of the most well known names in seasonings for meal prep is Flavor God! Great Tasting and Zero Calories. Here is four of our favourites  in a set to get you started


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Bodybuilding Seasonings Bodybuilding Seasonings Bodybuilding Seasonings








2) FreshJax Grilling Spice ( 5 Pack )

  • GRILL MASTER: Be the master of your backyard grill with Grill Master Seasoning. From veggies to proteins, this spice gives it all a distinct, well-rounded flavor.
  • SMOKEY SOUTHWEST: Smokey Southwest has just the right amount of spice to heat things up from the grill to taco night.
  • CITRUS PEPPER: A unique twist on classic lemon pepper seasoning, Citrus Pepper uses lemon, lime, and orange blended with a variety of peppercorns for a bright and refreshing flavor!
  • FRESH BAY: Our fresh take on that famous sea seasoning, but with more flavor and half the sodium! Fantastic with potatoes (french fries, potato wedges) and grilled veggies.
  • PEPPERED HABANERO: Spicy and peppery, this seasoning blend adds heat and bold cracked black pepper flavor to any dish

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Meal Prep SeasoningMeal prep SeasoningMeal prep Seasoning








3) Spice Cave  – 4 Pack Seasoning System

Spice Cave is an all-in-one seasoning system that will take your boring diet to a whole new level of delicious

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