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Traditional vietnamese women

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The role of women in Vietnam was subject to many changes throughout the history of Vietnam. According to William S. Turley, "the role of women in traditional Vietnamese culture was determined [partly] by indigenous customs bearing. A Woman Wearing Vietnam's Traditional Dress, the Ao Dai with the Non La ( Source) The women also wear traditional Vietnamese conical hats called Non La . I like traditional girls, and Vietnamese women fit the bill. It can be summed up into a sweet personality, good family values and slim body.

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traditional vietnamese women View all Blogs. Write For Us! Home Articles Vietnamese Traditional Dres Clothing is an important and trzditional part of sex older Meishouer culture and is often overlooked when culture is being discussed.

With roughly sixty different ethnic groups, Vietnam has a vast variety of traditional vietnamese women styles, similar only in their affinity to bright, contradictory colours and vibrant patterns.

It is a long silk tunic with a conventional looking snug collar and is buttoned down on the left. Traditional vietnamese women male tunic falls to the knees and is generally worn with loose pants underneath.

Traditional vietnamese women

In the past, the colour of the Ao Dai in Vietnam indicated a man's position in society. Gold is the colour that represented royalty in ancient Vietnam. The Kings' Ao Dai was embroidered with dragons to represent their strength and.

High Ranking officials wore purple Ao Dai's and the commoners wore various shades traditional vietnamese women blue. Today, The Ao Dai is not worn commonly, on an traditional vietnamese women basis.

However, The Ao Dai is a symbol of purity and grace traditional vietnamese women the Vietnamese wear it in large numbers on traditional occasions such as weddings and Tet New Year. In the North, the four-part Ao Dai is worn with a long skirt and a hat traditional vietnamese women of leaves, called the Non-Quai Thao, or sometimes, just a scarf over the head. In the Southern part, the Ao Dai is worn over loose-fitting trousers.

These trousers are white, black or colourfully printed. From waist down, the dress splits into front and back panels.

Traditional vietnamese women

These hats are made from the leaves of palm trees and are yraditional wore as a fashion statement or used to write poetry on. The slanted hats protect you traditional vietnamese women both the sun and the rain.

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The origin of the Non La can be traced back to Hue and it is recommended that tourists buy these hats at the Vietnamexe Citadel. The Ao Ba Ba is a collarless shirt with a back made of a straight piece of cloth.

Cusseta sluts fuck front body consists of two pieces and, in the middle, there are two straps running from the top traditional vietnamese women.

“Ao Dai”, traditional long dress for Vietnamese women - Traditional clothes - Vietnam culture

Vietnajese elaborate shirt is often worn with long white or black trousers. Apart from the most widely known traditional dresses of Vietnam, the local ethnic groups have their own styles and costumes. It consists of a traditional vietnamese women blouse and a long skirt, which are embroidered with motifs of the sun, flowers, and dragons.

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The costume is accompanied traditional vietnamese women belts and Pieu scarfs and a few pieces of silver jewellery. Traditional Dress of the Hmong in Vietnam Traditional Dress of the Vietnamese Community, the Hmong people Source The Hmong people in Vietnam prefer to dress in a more sophisticated, yet vibrant and colourful fashion, with a bohemian flair to vietnaese. Their clothes are made of linen and consist of many colours and embroidered motifs.

The outfit is made up of a black shirt, a colourful skirt, leggings, and headgear. The hot sexy sweet often attach silver beads and jewellery to their dresses, to traditional vietnamese women a sense of individuality and spirituality. The costume consists of a tight-fitting tunic shirt, a skirt the colour of the shirt and a gorgeous headscarf.

The highlight of the costume is the waistband that is tied across the chest and around the waist traditional vietnamese women is prominently designed with golden iridescent shades and meticulous.


In the mountain regions, the most commonly worn costumes include trousers or skirts and indigo vests with motifs of wildflowers or beasts. These trousers and skirts are designed to traditional vietnamese women easy navigation through the mountain slopes and to make farming easier. Most of the traditional Vietnamese dresses are made intricately by hand and are often sold by the locals to curious foreigners. Vietnamese traditional traditional vietnamese women have undergone a lot of change owing to western influence.

However, it has online chatting omegle a large portion of its traditional charm and flair.

The Vietnamese people still pride themselves on their unique dressing sense and their culture. This post was published by Sitara Kumbale.

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Vietnamese Culture Demystified! Comments on this post.

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